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Q: How should the browser be set-up for an optimum use of DESIGNTODAY's services?
A: Designtoday's Web site is fully compatible with Imost commun browser
To be able to use all the features of the Web site, it is advisable to set a screen resolution of 800x600 pixels and a colour depth of at least 16 bits.
It also very important to set-up the browser so that the client in use accepts the "cookies" sent by our server.

Q: What is a "cookie" ?
A: A "cookie" is a text file stored on the PC of the user connected to the Web.
This text file contains information on the identity and preferences of the user.
This technique enables to track all users, including occasional ones, of a Web site.

Q: I had seen a product I was interested in, but can't find anymore. Why?
A: DesignToday.eu  updates its online catalogue on a daily basis, guaranteeing its availability within reasonable time frames. Therefore, a product may "disappear" from the site, sometimes only for a short period of time.


Purchasing a product

Q: How can the products purchased from DesignToday.eu be paid?
A: Customers can pay for their products by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club), by INSTALMENTS or by BANK TRANSFER (subject to a few limitations).
The payment method can be selected at the end of the online purchasing process, in the "summary window" that displays summarized data on the content of the shopping cart along with the total.
The amount will always be debited after the goods have been shipped as follows.
The amount will be debited to the credit card.


The cost of the purchased product corresponds exactly to the one displayed on the Web site after completing the order.  

Customers who choose to pay by bank transfer must send a copy of the bank receipt to fax number +39 0587617947.
The goods will be forwarded only upon receipt of a copy of this document.


Q: Can the products be paid by cheque upon receipt?


A. Payment UPON RECEIPT can be done by NON TRANSFERABLE CHEQUE or in cash at the time the products are delivered (the forwarding agent is not authorized to accept current account cheques)

Q: Is payment upon receipt subject to additional charges?
A: Customers who choose this form of payment shall have to pay a surcharge of 10.00 Euro.

Q: I would like to pay part of the order by credit card and part by instalments. What do I need to do?
A: Just to contact our customer service

Q: Can orders be made by e-mail?
A: Unfortunately, we do not accept orders by e-mail, but only those made using the online procedures made available on www.designtoday.eu. For assistance on the placement of orders, it is possible to contact our Ordering Centre by phone (+39 0587618191), by e-mail (store@designtoday.eu) or via fax (+39 0587617947). It may be necessary to provide a contact telephone.

Q: Can orders be placed telephonically by providing the credit card details?

A: No, DesignToady's operator is authorized to receive orders telephonically. Therefore, our operators are not authorized to accept credit card details from customers on the phone. This confidential information is supplied by customers directly to the bank that manages this kind of transactions through a secure server (SSL protocol).

Q: Can orders be placed by fax by providing the credit card details?

A: Orders can be sent by fax. In this case, it is necessary to provide all the credit card details (number, date of expiry, VCC code and holder), the data of the purchaser including a telephone number and a copy of an ID document. All data will be handled as confidential information and immediately destroyed after the delivery of the goods.
Q: I would like to purchase product XYZ. How long will it take for it to be delivered?
A: Our delivery time range from 24/48 hours to a max. of 20 days. After the placement of the order, customers will receive a message detailing the products ordered, the delivery address indicated on the order form, and the expected delivery date. If the products cannot be delivered within the agreed date, customers will be immediately contacted by the Customer Assistance Service.
Q: How does delivery take place?
A: DesignToday uses leading national and international forwarding agents that guarantee a door to door delivery. Bulky, heavy and/or fragile objects will be delivered through forwarding agents specialized in the delivery of furniture.
Q: I would like to order a product, but receive it and pay for it after a specific date…
A: We are able to accept orders with differed delivery and payment, provided that they are sent by fax (this ensures that the amount of the purchase is debited only once the order is forwarded).
Q: I would like to purchase a product from DesignToday, but I live abroad. Can I still make the order?
A: DesignToday can deliver its products world-wide.
Q: Are there additional charges?
A: Deliveries to countries outside the European Union are subject to the regulations applicable in the country of destination. Our deliveries are made on a DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid) basis, which means that customers must pay all clearance and customs duties.
Q: Do prices include VAT (Value added tax)?
A: Prices include VAT for all countries members of the European Union. For all other countries, prices are net from taxes.
Q: Does DesignToday offer businesses a special price list?
A: No. At present, DesignToday offers its products to end customers only. Therefore, the price of products indicated in the catalogue is the only reference price currently available.
Q: I would like to make the order as business. It is possible to request an invoice for the purchased product?
A: All DesignToday's orders are delivered with an invoice. To purchase products as a business, it is sufficient to indicate, in the relevant section of the order form, the corporate name and VAT registration number.
Q: It is possible to request an invoice in a name other than the addressee?
A: This is not a problem. During the order placement, it is necessary to insert, in section Summary of Purchaser's Data, the invoicing data (data of the company or professional, inclusive of VAT registration number) and indicate the addressee's data in section Destination of products on the following page. Products can also be purchased with a credit card bearing a different name as compared to the person making the order.
Q: Is it possible to ask the forwarding agent to hold the products in storage?
A: Yes, it is possible to ask for the products to be SENT AND STORED in the closest forwarding agent's office. This type of delivery must be agreed, at the time of the confirmation of the order, with our Ordering Centre, within 24 hours from the online placement of the order.
Q: When I try to order a product, the shopping cart always appears empty...
A: This problem generally occurs when the customer uses a browser where the acceptance of cookies has been disabled. The enabling of this feature is essential to allow DesignToday's Web site to correctly manage shopping carts. For further information on "cookies", refer to the Online Help of the browser in use.
Q: I am unable to correctly complete a transaction by credit card...
A: To correctly perform a transaction using the ordering form with payment by credit card, it is essential to follow these simple steps:
Verify that the type of credit card used for the purchase is accepted by DesignToday (MasterCard, VISA) Enter the 16 digits of the credit card, as shown on the credit card itself Correctly insert the date of expire of the credit card (month and year), as shown on the credit card itself, The VCC code and your persoanl code. Click OK to confirm the transaction and send the data, in encrypted form, to the Web site of the bank that is responsible for checking the limits of use of the Credit Card. The authorization of the purchase will be communicated by e-mail within approximately 60 minutes.
It is useful to remember that the transaction with credit card IS CARRIED OUT on the Web site of the bank in secure mode (SSL). Therefore, DesignToday CANNOT CONTROL, for safety and privacy reasons, the data entered on the purchasing form with credit card (number and date of expire). This also means that DESIGNTODAY HAS NO INFORMATION on the reasons for which a request may be rejected.
The most common reasons of rejection are:
Use of a credit card that is not accepted by our system
Mistake in the data entered
Exceedance of the credit card limits
In the latter case, the availability of a card may be "frozen" by the bank for a few days and in relation to a specific amount, if the proprietor of a card has an online transaction in progress with an e-commerce service, even if this transaction has not yet been finally terminated (i.e. the order has been forwarded but not yet executed). In some cases, the transaction may be rejected because of saturation problems on the information systems of the bank. If there are no errors in the data, it is advisable to try repeating the transaction a few hours after the unsuccessful transaction. If the problem reoccurs, it is advisable to contact directly the issuer of the Card to verify there are no problems related to its functionality and try and repeat the order after performing this check. If the transaction is unsuccessful even in this case, it is possible to contact our Customer Assistance Centre (E-mail: store@designtoday.eu). Our personnel will take all the possible measures to try and promptly solve the problem. Customers who decide to make the order using a different method of payment, can also choose to pay Designtoday's products upon receipt.

Q: I have seen a product sold by DesignToday on another site, but its price in the shopping cart is different. Which is the correct price?

A: DesignToday updates its online catalogue every day. Unfortunately, linked sites and the shopping areas where DesignToday promotes its products cannot guarantee a correct updating of the information relating our products. As orders can be made only on the site www.owo.it, the actual price is the one indicated in the corresponding section of our site. Ordering a product

Q: Is it possible to request more detailed technical specifications on the products of DesignToday's catalogue?

A: The technical specifications that illustrate the products and that are part of DesignToday's online catalogue have been created using the technical specifications provided by the manufacturers. We cannot therefore supply additional information. To request further information on a product, it is advisable to try visiting the Web site of the manufacturer. The URL addresses of manufacturers, if available, are shown in the showcase area of DesignToday's Web site.

Q: It is possible to know whether a product XYZ is available?

A: The online catalogue of DesignToday contains over 2,00 products and is continuously growing. DesignToday's updates its online catalogue every day, displaying only the products for which it can guarantee availability. For this reason, it is not possible to guarantee the availability of products that are not included in the catalogue. For information regarding a specific product, it is advisable to carefully browse our online catalogue using the search functions available:

Q: It is possible to order a product that is not included in the catalogue?

A: For this type order, it is necessary to contact directly our Support Centre E-mail: store@designtoday.eu Telephone: +39 0587618191

Prior and after delivery

Q: I have completed my order on DesignToday today. When will I receive the product?

A: Products are delivered in accordance with our procedure. Our Ordering Centre will contact customers by mail confirming the availability of the product ordered and providing more information on the delivery schedule.

Q: It is possible to display a summary of the orders on DesignToday? (For registered users only)

A: To correctly display the history of orders, it is sufficient to access your personal page , enter the registration data (e-mail or UserID and password) and select option Order History.

Q: Is the forwarding agent, who delivers DesignToday's product, also responsible for its installation?

A: DesignToday DOES NOT foresee, at present, any installation service for its products, but only guarantees their delivery to the home of the customer. Products are delivered door to door. Door to door deliveries of bulky products shall have to be agreed with the Ordering Centre at the time of the order confirmation.

Q: What needs to be done upon receipt of the products?

A: Upon receiving the products from the forwarding agent, it is always advisable to verify that: The number of packages being delivered corresponds to the one indicated in the shipping list The package is integral, undamaged, dry and shows no signs of tampering. Damages or missing items or information should be immediately reported to the forwarding agent who performs the delivery.

Q: The shipped goods are damaged, what should I do?

A: All our goods are covered by insurance during transport. Damages or missing items must be reported to the forwarding and a note must be reported in the proof of delivery. Always write "goods are accepted with the right of further inspection).Please inform us of any damage just after delivery, so that we can initiate the relevant procedure. We will replace the product or refund you, as you prefer.

Q: How I can WITHDRAW the order?

A: For further information on the procedure to withdraw an order, it is advisable to read the specific chapter on this subject. Persanal Details

Q: How can I change my personal data on DesignToday?

A: All data entered in your personal registration can be changed at any time by opening section Your Data on the personal page.

Q: I am a registered user and I have changed my e-mail. I would like DesignToday to send me the news to my new e-mail…

A: To change personal data, including the password and e-mail, it is necessary to log in. To open the personal page, it is necessary to enter, when the prompt is displayed, the same data used for the initial registration (i.e. the old e-mail address or User ID ) and correct them accordingly. The change of e-mail address does not generate a double registration but is simply regarded a change of the original one.

Q: It is possible to retrieve a password?

A: The password can be retrieved at any time through the automatic procedure. To retrieve a password, it is necessary to enter your User Id or your e-mail address and you must ask for your password. The password 'll be sent by e-mail to the address givern

Q: It is possible to cancel the receipt of DesignToday's newsletter?

A: DesignToday's newsletters are sent only to users who have requested this service on their personal registration page. OWO's registration or the receipt of DesignToday's newsletter can be cancelled at any time by opening the personal registration page on DesignToday. For reasons related to the compliance of current laws on privacy, all changes or cancellations of names must be made using our databases. Product specifications and changes Unless otherwise agreed between the Parties, the technical specifications, size, dyes, colours, pictures and drawings described in our online catalogue are for information only . Owo Italia srl shall not be held responsible for any change made by the manufacturers as deemed fit or necessary provided such changes do not alter the basic features of the products.

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