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Stay connected with your social life without even touching your phone with the Cookoo Watches. These stylish analogue Watches connect via either Bluetooth smart or Bluetooth 4.0 to your iPhone 4S or 5 or iPad keeping you updated with your phone. The Cookoo Watch will alert you whenever you get an incoming call, missed call, email, SMS, calendar reminders, alarms, low battery and even alerts you when you leave your phone behind! And if all that wasn’t enough, this watch will also sync with Facebook to receive notifications and other features such as checking in. Still want more? Ok, how about the ability to take pictures and control your music? Plus this is only the beginning as the API will soon be released to the public allowing anyone with developer skills to utilise the watch anyway they want. Impressive. With most smart watches, poor battery life can be an issue but not with the Cookoo Watch. Powered by a CR2032 button cell battery it will still be on your wrist while its competitors will be on charge; plus, when the battery finally dies, it is easily replaced without visiting the watch makers. So what happens in the worst case scenario when you lose your Cookoo Watch? Well, even that has been thought of. Simply, open the Cookoo Watch app on your phone, and you can instruct your watch to sound an alarm allowing you to listen out for it. This is all done via the Cookoo Watch app on your phone or iPad. We know this is probably too much stuff for you to take in so we’ll leave you with one more feature - The Cookoo Watch is actually waterproof to five ATM (approx. 50m/165ft) so it will work fine through rain, showering and shallow swimming.
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