TIDE BOOKCASE, Zaha Hadid for Magis

Modular and sculptural bookcase wall suspended in polished ABS. Dimension: H.45x45 D. 25
Atelier Zaha Hadid developped this project starting from the idea of a light shaped object, which could express the transition from the solid traditional furniture to the slight thickness of plastic: from this starting point the idea of going back to the algorithm of the minimum surfaces. A minimum surface is a surface whose points have a medium radius equivalent to zero. An example of this is represented by the soap bubbles coming out when a string is dipped in a soap solution. This idea took the shape of a symmetric module creating different compositions through various rotations on itself. The possibility to build and rebuild up the module to fit to the space around or to the different needs makes this project an unicum, where full and empty spaces follow each other without interruption.
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