Coat hanger and lamp TABARD, Denis Santachiara for Pallucco

Pure genius. The latest extraordinary furnishing accessory designed by Denis Santachiara is worthy of the intuition of Sherlock Holmes, who actually has a lot in common with this object. Just as Sir Conan Doyle’s detective is always portrayed wearing a charming little cloak, so too are the garments hanging on the coat hook, presented by Pallucco, protected by a rigid cloak. In fact Tabard “wears” an elegant, semitransparent, rigid shell whose shape is reminiscent of one of the most representative garments of the late eighteenth century: the tabard, a long seamless overcoat which you wrapped around your body. Here it is a revolutionary coat hook that turns 120° and the roles have been inverted. While traditional coat hooks are covered by clothes, Tabard on the other hand covers the clothes, protecting them from dust, giving this object an original unusual look. Tabard is a floor lamp, which are obtained by joining two cloaks together. Inside a lamp filters its light through the translucent cloak material, helping create an atmosphere of mystery, fascination and seduction. Cloak in polycarbonate, screen-printed on the inside in red RAL 3020 Fitted with 12 plastic knobsin the floor lamp) dimension: total length 745 mm, total height 1950 mm. Fitted with one 20 Watt fluorescent electronic light bulb, E27 base (220V) and E26 for the 110V version.
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