Mattress Estasy Memory, Idormibene

Memory is a product of the heat-sensitive human body that will influence the molecular structure thus shaping up to follow perfectly the shape to minimize pressure points. The springs imdipendenti singularly put in a bag, so as to act independently from each 'other, they adapt to every slight movement of the body at rest. Pure is an active foam, with a ergonimicità dori, elasticity and breathability, which returns in the form of relaxation and wellbeing. Estasi Memory is a mattress with a combination of innovative materials with high ergonimicità characteristics provide maximum comfort, featuring a rest for the re Benese regenerating the daily rest. Recent tests confirm that memory distribute pressure evenly Practice from the body at rest, promoting proper blood circulation.
finished mattress height 25 cm, pure cotton fabric lining, padded non-allergenic fiber backing, fabric based 3-d-breathable material
noround thanks to friend, the mattress can be used by one side only.
degree of rigidity: 5
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