Factor bookcase designed by Jonathan Olivares for Driade

Bookshape made in solid wood ebonized varnished. Dimensions: cm. W. 80 D. 60 H.cm. 223.
There are types of furniture, such as armchairs and chairs, that are more subject to ergonomic studies,and other types, for example tables but especially bookcases, that apparently lie far outside that world of comfort and relationships between the human body and the object. With his new project for Driade, Jonathan Olivares effectively disproves this theory in a totally iconic way. He shows us that bookcases, which are usually aloof and upright, can move closer to the human hand as the arm stretches out to select a book. A simple cavity brings the books closer, makes them more visible, accessible and friendly. In conclusion we could say that Olivares has created a new type of ergonomics: a “psychological ergonomics” where attention is focused on the mind of who lives in the furnished spaces, and not on the spinal column or the kidneys. In this sense FACTOR pursues, and takes to extremes, the work undertaken with the “Ciclo” bookcase, and the young Olivares proves himself capable of shunning any apparently predictable design conditioning to place himself on the level of invention
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