TRACCIA Table With Bird Legs, Meret Oppenheim, Simon Ultramobile collection

It was 1939: Oppenheim's table, like her tea cup touched on a nerve that was about the female. The legs of the table are slender bird's legs. Choosing the subject of the table, where women serve tea or dinner, the table suggests an object of offering. The table becomes a delicate, erotic object of irony, humor, and beauty.The elliptical top with its shaped edge has the footprints of a fantasy bird on it, which also inspired the cast bronze feet. The upper part of the table top is in fine gold or platinum leaf ,the underside is painted with gold or platinum coloured paints. Polished cast bronze frame. This object is part of the collection Ultramobile editated by Dino Gavin
Dimensions: - cm 68 x 53 x 65 h
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Where: living area

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