Zilio AeC. Zilio AeC.

Zilio Aldo e C. is one of the Manzano(Udine) chair district’s historic companies, and has been producing high quality wooden chairs and furnishing accessories for more than 60 years. Over the years, in this overcrowded sector, Zilio has created its own space, expressing its work in deep-seated values – tradition, commitment, passion and quality. Tradition: a sum of the ideals, memories and experiences of its predecessors whilst at the same time giving life to new ideas. Commitment: going back to its roots, repeating rituals of practical and habitual human gestures whilst taking care never to overlook even the smallest and seemingly insignificant detail as commitment is hardly ever the fruit of a sudden wasted destiny. Passion: only passion can induce a person to continue his work with an ever renewed spirit, guided by the certainty of those unpredictable and bizarre days. In fact it is the new and unknown alongside the unexpected that leads passion to explore its boundaries. Quality: this is the sensation you get when you run your hand along a perfectly finished surface. Zilio creates objects of design using different technologies, even hand-finishing if the project requires it. All of its products can be defined as being ecological and even though they are built to last, once their use has come to an end, they are easily recyclable. Even their environmental impact is reduced as all products have reduced sections. The quality is the result of a careful selection of materials, professional experience and the ambition to create something unique in the best possible way that its clients can appreciate and which will not lose its value over time. With its clean and essential lines, the design offers lightness to all of its products without influencing the article’s mechanical and functional characteristics, demonstrated in all tests undertaken. The collections’ rigorous shape in its chairs and tables, are reminiscent of a Nordic style and atmosphere. The use of light-coloured finishings offers light to the environment together with a warm and comfortable atmosphere; the dark-coloured finishings on the other hand change the overall look and take on a more formal and elegant air. The formal essentiality of these articles sets Zilio’s products apart and enables them to harmonise and adapt to the evolution of taste and environments. Quality furniture improves with use over time. It is therefore for this reason that Zilio conceives its products, which pass through time being made to last whilst at the same time always giving way to excellent taste.