Simon Simon

SIMON was founded in 1968 when Dino Gavina put together the works of some of the leading figures in architecture and modern art of that time. This catalogue aims to unite the cultural experiences of all those products which have borne witness to and gone to make up a collection of products which, over the years, have gone on to become cult pieces for lovers of design. Today these pieces, which have come to represent a series of industrial products which have also doubled as cultural ambassadors, have become design classics, in that each and every piece represents styles which are still both up to date and yet inspirational. Quality, perfection, proportion, poetry, and wit... all have left their traces in the works manufactured by this company. Bauhaus, Dadaism, Surrealism, the Ultra-rational... all of these pieces are linked by these elements carrying them through from Past to Present. In today's present that means Design d'Autore (Estel group) who have inherited this worthy baton from Simon and are continuing to run with it so that this company can continue to write important new chapters in the history of Contemporary Design