Magis Me Too

The Me Too collection The design team at Magis have moved beyond the established practices in design for young children by establishing a dialogue between experts in child development and design professionals. The Me Too project is the first fruit of this new approach. Within the Me Too designs we see themes that are relevant to providing learning opportunities and stimulating development in children’s thinking. Also there are designs that provide opportunities to enhance the child’s sense of control of the environment as well as stimulating the child’s fantasy and imagination. One way to achieve this is through making environments that are responsive to the child in that children come to feel that their actions are important and effective, and such experiences encourage them to think more about the possibilities in their environment, enhancing their imagination. Design that gives the child the opportunity to experience control of the environment as well as enabling the child to use the apparatus to fit in with fantasy play will contribute to the child’s learning, sense of mastery and overall competence.