Flos Flos

There is a strong techonological imprint at the base of Flos history. A congenital disposition for novelty, research and a rereading of its attained accomplishments. It is this which remains - a  kind of genetic trail - from the circumstances of its foundation. In 1962 Arturo Einsenkeil, who in those years imported some new polymers from the United States, met Dino Gavina and Cesare Cassina, and together decided to found a company in order to apply those new materials in the field of illumination. Flos was born from this fundamental openness towards experimentation; an orientation which, rom the tecnological side,quickly transferred to the realm of design. The collaboration between the Castiglioni brothers and Tobia Scarpa began.Therafter many others arrived: the base of a creative journey which has received many international recognitions and a good three Compassi d'Oro awards, two for products, and one for career .