Nanimarquina Nanimarquina

Nanimarquina was created in 1987 as a brand dedicated to designing and producing rugs and textile products. In 1988 nanimarquina began to be exported to Germany and Japan and with 'Heimtextil' in Frankfurt, it started to take part in international trade fairs. All expectations were surpassed, thanks to the rugs of Mariscal, Peret, Eduard Samsó, and Nani Marquina. In 1989, in the same spirit of innovation, other textile products were launched onto the market: blankets, printed fabrics, towels and cushions. In 1990, new collections were profiled which incorporated alternative materials. This led to different production techniques and processes being researched. Thanks to its consolidated international prestige, in 1993 it undertook its most daring business venture: it began production of some collections in North India. From 1996 on, it increased its investment in product design and development and collections such as Cuadros (Squares) were introduced, which were very representative of the brand. In 1997, with the aim of achieving greater international influence for the company, the products were marketed through a distributor. In 2000, nanimarquina strengthened communication of the brand with a new corporate image.Between 2002 and 2003, the Company's organisational structure was expanded and new internal departments were created: Sales, Press and Public Relations, Graphic Design. The Product Design Department was also enlarged. In keeping with its principles, it consolidated its collaborations with external designers and included proposals by young creators such as Diego Fortunato, Ana Mir, Emili Padrós, Oriol Guimerà and Mariana Eidler in its catalogue. In 2005, the second generation was incorporated into the management of the Company and a new line of rugs aimed at the professional sector was presented: nanimarquina basic. In 2006 the company receives the National Design Award for the development of a business rooted in design granted by BCD and Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce. In the same year nanimarquina is awarded with the Premi Cambra a la Gestió del Disseny 2005 (Chamber Award of Design Management) granted by Chamber of Comerce of Barcelona and BCD and Nani Marquina receives with the Premio FIDEM a la Mujer Emprendedora 2006 (FIDEM Award to the Businesswoman 2006)