Driade Kosmo Driade Kosmo

Driade Kosmo is the trademark that today groups all the object prodeced by Driade, defining a world of things strangely like our own. A world made up exceptional moments that interrupt the calm sequence of events, of flamboyant chratcters and common folk, of artists, intellectuals and workers. Objects embellish the Driade home like final brushstrokes of color completing a canvas: they are note of personalization within an overall offer. They are bait for the imagination, perceptive stimuli, triggers of emotion and traces of memory. Born with the neo-Baroque, fantasies of Borek Sipek, whose hyper-decorative creativity draws hints from traditonial Bohemian handcrafts until it archives its own, modern expression, the language of driadekosmo has been enriched throughh the years with all the styles and typologies that have benn to translate Driade`s lifestyle philosopy. There is no single guideline for taste, but a multuplicity of inspirations, voices taking different tones that are connected by some mature eclectism. The “Driade home” has now been given a missing piece, a luminous one: five great chandeliers enter the “driadekosmo” collection to tell us of marvel, magic and enchantment. Five pieces with the great autonomy needed to respect the strong and differing personalities of their designers but united by the formal quality and advanced technological exploration that always distinguishes Driade collections. Driade thus enters the world of “lighting design”. Attention is focused not on technical or service lighting but on light that creates an atmosphere. Lighting able to construct a place, suggest a history: a type that could only be the chandelier. The chandelier viewed as the hub of space, as an object full of recollections and symbolic worth. And so: Xavier Lust looked at Calder and his mobiles. Fragments of shape and light oscillating poetically in a void. Ninchi&Locatelli saw the chandelier as architecture, with elegantly overlapping cylindrical volumes given movement through light’s reflection on a host of mirrors. Giuseppe Chigiotti entwined the branches of his chandelier as if tracing a moth’s lazy flight around a headlight. Jason Ong gently shielded the light with an origami, a swarm of butterflies, a hydrangea in bloom. And Laudani & Romanelli imagined the chandelier as a tale, with the air that vibrates and the light that flutters around long leis cut into steel. For Driade light, too, is exceptionality, amazement and distinction!