Millefiori Milano Millefiori Milano

Millefiori started in the beginnings of the 90s as a manufacturer of candles by the exclusive design.
They started the production of fragrances for interiors in 2004, starting first with candles and then diffuser sticks.
From then onwards the company underwent a strong growth and became one of the leading European companies of the sector.

The environments in which we live are an obvious extension of our personality, the choice of a fragrance for interiors seals such choice and communicates it externally.

The company was born as an answer to the needs of man, always in search of pleasant suggestions and drives, able to counteract the chaotic urban environment, by creating welcoming and fragrant environments.

Millefiori manufactures the perfumes entirely in Italy with the use of fragrances of excellent Italian and French quality.

The raw materials are submitted to strict quality controls imposed by European Union law.