Gaia and Gino Gaia and Gino

Gaia and Gino is a global design brand with a Turkish identity, founded by Gaye Cevikel in Istanbul, Turkey. The company owns Gaia and Gino is Decorum, Inc., founded in 1992, who introduced design products from all over the world into the Turkish market. Since then Decorum has become one of the pioneers of design in Turkey. Gaye, thinking that there are no international brands from Turkey in the design arena, made a new move to produce their own collections and create a new design brand. That's how Gaia and Gino was born in 2004. The name GAIA and GINO comes from Gaye's nickname and her lovely golden retriever. Gaia and Gino works with well-reputed designers to provide a unique cultural design experience. The collections interpret rituals of Turkey in a new, unconventional way. They are emotional but sexy, luxurious but stealthy. GAIA and GINO will have four product lines: home, personal, dog and office accessories. The primary focus now is on the home where designers create innovative table top objects and accessories for Gaia and Gino. Personal, dog and office accessories will follow in sequence with the improvement of Gaia and Gino brand in the world design market