Estel Casa Estel Casa

This is the main theme of our Salone del Mobile 2012. With this slogan the whole Estel team wants to declare the pride and loyalty to the history of its brands, to challenge the change and continue to honor the 75 years of life. Wardrobes, beds, sofas, tables, chairs, tables belong to the past, but they are indeed essential ingredients to decorate the houses of tomorrow, too.
ESTEL CASA, SIMON, FRIGHETTO, TRIANGOLO, ARTE&CUOIO, ZERITALIA, SICA are brands created or acquired on which we put down our roots and allow us to range from solid wood, metal, glass, leather, fabric, lacquer, fiber panels till the genuine leather. With this heritage, the presentation of our products is one of a kind: an exception in the market. The important communication plan of 40 media from newspapers to magazines Italian and Foreign ones sum up our trio of excellence: Design Quality and Price. A single brand: ESTEL. Thanks to their uniqueness Simon and Arte & Cuoio, will keep their original logos along with Estel. Finally, I would like to work in the designers - Arch. Alessandro Scandurra and Arch. Alessandro Dalla Pozza - for their projects and ideas on new products, together with both technical and marketing team that I use to run every day. Special thanks to Kiko Stella who directed the original advertising initiatives.
Alberto Stella